About Us

DROP MOON is the outcome of a project born from two young people’s devotion for the world of cocktail bartending.

This idea originated on a sunday afternoon on a terrace, while we were conversing with the cocktail bartender, who was fixing our gin and tonic. He was commenting on how easy it would be to obtain a fragrant liquorice scent in your glass with just a simple gesture of your finger.

From that moment onwards, and after a long research period concerning pairing in cocktail bartending and new market waves, we began developing our new line of scents.

Following our enterprising and experimenting policy, we have managed to join the benefits of new tecnologies with the handmade development of each one of the scents.

With a distinct ground-breaking nature, our product enables a new way of making and enjoying cocktalis, coffees, and also succeeds in unveiling a wide variety of possibilities in the catering sector.

It was introduced in March 2013 with enthusiasm and approval by the proffesionals and amateurs who have already tried it since then.

Our aim is to produce scents which provide a distinct personality and the maximum degree of pleasure to the consumer.

Innovation. Distinction. They are synonyms with DROP MOON.